Group Projects

As part of your grade for Math 118, you will be involved in one of nine group projects. Groups will consist of 4 people (except for two groups of 3). You may pick your group or I will just assign people to groups based on their project preferences. Click here to see your group assignments.

Each group will give a 10 minute presentation in class followed by questions. The presentation should include historical information or background to the problem, the set up of the problem and the highlights of the project. As a group, you will also turn in one written report (let’s say approximately 3-5 pages) discussing your findings. Make sure you turn in a bibliography. Any form of plagiarism will be graded harshly.


Projects will be due during the last week of class.

You will be graded on the content in the presentation and the written report. Also, I will pass out evaluation forms where you can confidentially let me know if you felt someone in your group did more or less work than others. I will take these evaluations into consideration when assigning individual grades for the project. Each project involves a nontrivial amount of new mathematical material and everyone in the class will be responsible for the material covered in every presentation.

Submitting your preferences
Projects preferences can be found by clicking here. You should look through them and decide which ones you are interested in. Then, either individually or as a group, you should submit your top 4 choices. I will give you until next Friday to e-mail me with these preferences.

Talking to me
Each group will need to meet with me once for a progress report. Click here to see available times to meet with me. Groups should feel free to come see me if they have any questions or concerns. If you have questions about the projects now, or want more information than what’s on the web, let me know too.

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