Yellow blocks of time are available times for group meetings with me. Please e-mail me by Wednesday (11/10) with the time your group would like to meet with me. At least two-thirds of your group must attend the meeting. If there is a name in a square, it means that time has already been taken.

Fri. 11/12 Mon. 11/15 Wed. 11/17 Thurs. 11/18
10:00AM     Coloring  
11:00 AM        
11:30 AM        
12:00 PM Rabbits     Monty Hall
12:30 PM Poker     BCS
1:00 PM        
1:30 PM       Bar Crawl
2:00 PM        
2:30 PM        
3:00 PM      
3:30 PM     Braille  
4:00 PM   Statistics  
4:30 PM     Music