Math 203

Math 203 is called Theory of Arithmetic and is, I believe, a required course for all elementary education majors. The students meet once a week in a large lecture taught by a faculty member of the math department.

I meet with the students once a week in a lab setting. They spend the bulk of the class time working in groups using ETA/Cuisinaire Manipulatives such as Cuisinaire Rods, Fraction Circles and Tangrams. They work through activities they may someday use in their own classrooms.

One of the requirements for the class is writing three lesson plans for grade school math classes. Below are some web sites students have used to get good ideas for their own lesson plans.

  • Lesson Plans

  • And More Lesson Plans

  • PBS Lesson Plans

  • Here are several other useful teacher resourse web sites.

  • Mathematics, Science and Technology Education at the University of Illinois

  • Illinois State Learning Standards

  • LIMAS-Leading Illinois Math and Science

  • Ask Dr. Math "A question and answer service for math students and their teachers"

  • Measure 4 Measure "A collection of interactive sites on the Web that estimate, calculate, evaluate, translate, etc."